Personal and Social Functions of Education

Personal and Social Functions of Education

Personal and Social Functions of Education

Modern pedagogy distinguishes certain functions of education, which form two large groups. Before dwelling in more detail on their description, it is necessary to give a meaningful description of this phenomenon.

Education is a multi-dimensional and very complex phenomenon, so it can’t be understood and formulated unequivocally. Let us single out a number of its basic characteristics. 
First, education is a specific socio-cultural phenomenon. That is why its main goal and tasks will be determined only by modern society. But on the other hand, education is an important area in its development. The fact is that it is an integral component of culture. Therefore, the spiritual side of the whole society will largely depend on the quality of educational services of any level. 

Secondly, it is an open, flexible and holistic system of successive training standards and programs, governing bodies and institutions (pre-school, secondary, higher, [Only registered and activated users can see links So Kindly Create An Account Now] via online resources like etc.). Therefore, for the years of the existence of mankind, education has acquired a branched structure. 

Thirdly, it is a purposeful and continuous process and the result of the development of each individual through scientifically organized education and training. But this is not enough. The functions of education must necessarily include the formation of self-education skills. The point is that as the information society develops, they will be necessary for successful functioning in it. Therefore, every child needs to be taught how to educate himself. 

Fourth, it represents the achieved, as well as the specific qualification established by the person, confirmed by a document (certificate, diploma, etc.). 

Social functions of education include the following groups: 

First, the formation of the moral and intellectual potential of society can occur in educational institutions. The point is that a correctly organized process should become the basis for the design of the future resource of the state. 

Secondly, a professionally constructed education will contribute to the political, cultural, technological and economic development of the whole society. But in order to achieve this, it is necessary to pay special attention to each young member of the state and its socialization. 

Thirdly, the functions of education include the education, training and development of each individual in the interests of herself, as well as society. That is why it is very important to prepare children to be successful in the modern society. 

In addition, it is necessary to instill the skills of safe, but transformative activities in accordance with the available scientific and technological progress. The second large group is the personal functions of education, which must necessarily be realized in the educational process, ensuring the predominant role of development over the learning process. Therefore, all actions of adults need to be aimed at revealing the personal, intellectual and creative potential of each child, regardless of abilities and opportunities. 

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